Refinances, Home Equity Lines of Credit, Construction Loans

Considering a Refinance, HELOC, or Construction Loan? Our team of professionals is known for our quick turnaround and excellent communication. We can help facilitate these loans and work with your lender to make the transaction a breeze.

FAQs about Refinances, HELOCs, and Construction Loans

General FAQs:

In most circumstances when the loan is on your primary residence, there will be a government required 3-day right of rescission (excepting Sundays and bank holidays).

Example: If your Closing is on a Friday your loan will (likely) fund on the following Tuesday.

There will be a form to elect your preferred method of receipt at Closing, but the most common selection is to have the firm prepare a check or send a bank wire.

Borrowers typically receive a “Welcome Packet” from their new lender following closing with instructions on how to proceed and options for various payment methods. This information will be available at your Closing, but you can also contact your Lender.

No, not unless you are making a change to how your property is deeded.

Our team will provide a copy of your signed package at Closing. You may also receive it via email upon request.

Closing Day:

Buyers: Government issued photo identification (i.e. valid Driver’s License or Passport), and any funds due for closing via certified check or bank wire. Sellers: Government issued photo identification (i.e. valid Driver’s License or Passport), and funds due for closing via certified check or bank wire (if applicable), keys and any garage door openers/fobs/remotes, and instructions for any proceeds.

Buyers/Borrowers: If you are going to be on (or are currently on) the deed to the property then you’ll need to attend Closing, even if you’re not the borrower.

Sellers: Anyone who is currently on the deed to the property needs to attend Closing.

If you are financing your transaction, your lender will let you know your final cash to close amount before the Closing. If you are purchasing with cash, your paralegal contact at Toates Law Firm can provide this information prior to Closing.

You may wire or bring certified funds for your closing. Please contact our office for wiring instructions if you choose to wire and make sure you verify those instructions with our office before initiating any wires.

We do not accept cash or credit cards. The SC Supreme Court does not allow firms to accept personal checks over $5,000.00.

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