Estate Planning

When an individual dies without a Will in South Carolina, the intestacy statute is triggered to manage the distribution of assets of the deceased. While these laws were carefully crafted to take the best possible care of the immediate family of the deceased, they are merely statutory and don’t take into account your personal wishes.

The benefits of having a Will are extensive. Not only do you control which family members will inherit and what their share will be, but you can also include other individuals, non-profits, and trusts. You will also choose who serves as your Personal Representative, select guardians of minor children, and appoint Trustees to manage the inherited assets of minors.

Toates Law Firm understands that while this topic is sensitive for most, compassionate, competent, and complete estate planning is a service that all deserve. Our team would be honored to sit down with you to demystify the process and diligently protect your assets – giving you and your loved ones the gift of peace of mind.

FAQs about Estate Planning

You may contact any member of our team to obtain a copy of our Will Questionnaire. Once you complete the Questionnaire you can send it back to us, which will help us prepare drafts of our Estate Planning Document Suite for your review. 

We typically can go from a Will Questionnaire to a final version and client signing appointment within the same week.

 After signing at our office, we will send you home with your original Will and Healthcare Power of Attorney. We will record your original Durable Power of Attorney with the county in which you reside and then return to you afterwards for safekeeping.

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